Mission Statement:


LADC Football Academy (LADC FA) is set up for the purpose of discovering and raising outstanding students who will, through the instrumentality of football, raise the banner, display the virtues and fly the flag of the individual schools we work in partnership with. Order, justice and fair play rules everything this football academy sets to achieve. LADC FA will work with schools to produce the football teams that will represent the school in competitions and tournaments.

Our 3 main ethos:

  1. Development of excellent football skills
  2. Development of Character
  3. Development of Academic performance and excellence


Selection Process:

There will be annual football trials conducted where the only the best and most suitable players for each football playing positions will be selected, from all aspiring footballers in selected schools.

The academy is open only to all current students, aged 11 – 19 years old.

The academy will only have 30 players at every given time/term. (Consisting of Team A and Team B; 22 Players and 8 substitutes ONLY)

Each selected player and their Parents/Guardian will sign an undertaken to adhere to the curriculum and rules of LADC FA, be of good character and a worthy ambassador of GCI.

Pre-requisite for selection, admission and retention in GFA

Each player must be a current student of GCI, irrespective of the year of entry.

Every player will be given a minimum academic target grade they should be achieving and working towards in at least 6 WAEC/NECO subjects as a condition for remaining a part of the GFA.

The football skills of each player is taken into consideration, however every player must be willing to improve and develop new set of skills which will be taught at the academy, by playing to a bespoke set of football rules designed specifically for the academy to build good character and values into each player (see football rules enclosed)

The academy is linked to the individual player’s academic performance and excellence.

The Academy sets out to look after the fitness, mental health and general well being of every player.

Training and Coaching Sessions

Training and coaching sessions will run at break times, at least twice a week during term-time on the Partner School sports grounds.

Training and coaching sessions may be organised outside school hours, or even on a Saturday depending on need. (Occasional training outside school premises may also be arranged)

The coaching and training will be provided by top notch coaches and trainers supplied and approved by LADC DISCOVERY CENTRE, based in Liverpool UK with affiliates and partners in Nigeria.


LADC Discovery Centre is an organisation and affiliate of a UK Registered Charity based in Crosfield Community Centre, 7 Crosfield Road Liverpool UK (www.ladc.co.uk)

LADC has been running various projects in the Merseyside region of the Northwest in the UK over 12 years. One of the projects is the LADC Sports and fitness academy, which has produced young men and women of vision, character and excellence in sport.

LADC is willing to partner with the Government College Ibadan to run her GCI Football Academy, a prototype and franchise which can be replicated in schools across the land.


–        Excellent coaching and expertise to develop and transform raw skills

–        Footballs, training bibs, cones, portable posts etc

–        Exposure of players to opportunities, e.g. scouts, local, national and international football leagues

–        Link to academic excellence and character building for other life skills

–        Raising a first class football team for the school – GCI


–        Current students

–        Playing fields

–        Supporting staff when required

–        Student academic records when required

–        Signed partnership agreement with LADC

–        Official school football Jerseys during competitions, tournaments etc


–        Raw skills, talent and attendance at training sessions

–        Signed agreement between each player, parent/guardian and LADC

–        Completed Individual Training Plan and profile for LADC file/records

–        Football under wear; own boots etc


Website displaying outstanding players’ profiles

Exposure to local, national and international scouts

Opportunities to progress to professional football/scholarships


FUNDING OF LADC FA – Partner School

LADC will be willing to supply the training, coaching expertise and basic football materials and equipments needed to run the initiative to very good standards. These will come at a great cost which the LADC, on its part, is willing to support/source and provide for the schools.

However, for the successful day to day running, the part-funding requirements and options proposed for partner school and each individual player (to be agreed) are as follows:

  1. Every aspiring player, each session, will register for a one-off football trials from which the 30 FA players will be selected from with a non-refundable administration fee of N100 (One hundred naira only). This selection trials may run over a period of days depending on how many boys come for the trials
  2. Subsequently for every training session, there will be a charge of N200 (two hundred naira only) per player. This will cover the administration of such high intensive excellent professional training LADC is offering to the individual student, the school and the community at large. (Cost includes transportation, materials and intellectual professional fees etc)
  3. There will only be 30 players at a time at the GFA, when players leave the team and school, their position is filled by suitable players who undergo trials.


  1. Individual/Parent/Guardian funding: Where the player or their representative pays the N200 (two hundred naira) per training session*
  2. Partner School pays N200 per player per training/coaching session. (N200 X 30 players = N6,000)
  3. Partner School OBA undertakes to pay N6,000 for each training session
  4. Private sponsorship –  can fund the N6,000 per training session
  5. Corporate sponsorship – can fund the N6,000 per training session
  6. Partner School OBA Class sets – adopt the training/coaching sessions and split cost of training and fund the GFA

*Training sessions only run term-time only









The LADC FA – Partnering School Football Academy is aiming to produce in the short, medium and long term, young adults with passion for football who will be transformed with discipline, vision, character and excellence in life skills.

The overall coaching and training will:

1-2-1 regular mentoring of the selected players

Progress reviews of the academic performance of each player 2 times a year against set targets

Guidance and counselling for individual player’s future aspirations and career

A comprehensive file will be kept for each player

Consequent reduction in anti-social behaviour