Football Academy ReLaunch 2021

How can we say this without bragging? It was awesome!!! The weather was perfect for some “Footie with Family”. It was THE community event of the season. Big shout out to the the Man of the match @Cornelius.  And thank you to everyone that supported us. Join us every Monday 5pm at the Botanic Park for our weekly meet-up Enjoy …

Body Positive Image

Body Image

I am confident. I am beautiful. I am strong. Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception. These feelings can be positive, negative or both, and are influenced by individual and environmental factors. I remember a few years ago, I wished I were tall and …

Social Distancing Game

Introducing… SD20!!!

It is awesome to learn something new! Here we have a few people of different ages, sexes and physical abilities playing our new social distancing game. Seemed like we had a lot of fun!