Mission Statement

Growing in character, Developing skills, Attaining excellence

Introducing Football Academy Training

The LADC is an organisation and affiliate of a UK Registered Charity based in Liverpool UK.

The LADC has been running various projects in the Merseyside region of the Northwest in the UK over 12 years. One of the projects is the LADC Sports and Fitness Academy, which has produced young men and women of vision, character and excellence in sport.

LADC Football Academy is set up to discover and raise outstanding students who will, through the instrumentality of football, raise the banner, display the virtues and fly the flag of the individual schools we work in partnership with. Order, justice and fair play rule everything this football academy sets to achieve. LADC FA will work with schools to produce the football teams that will represent the school in competitions and tournaments.

Our 3 main ethos:

  1. Development of Character
  2. Development of Excellent football skills
  3. Development of Academic performance and excellence

What we provide

  • Excellent coaching and expertise to develop and transform raw skills
  • Footballs, training bibs, cones, portable posts etc
  • Exposure of players to opportunities, e.g. scouts, local, national and international football leagues
  • Link to academic excellence and character building for other life skills

Our Modus Operandi

Pre-requisite for selection, admission and retention in LADC Academy

  • The Academy requires a referee/parent/guardian to recommend every of the participants/players   (A form is required to be completed for this purpose)
  • The football skills of each player is taken into consideration, however every player must be willing to improve and develop new set of skills which will be taught at the academy, by playing to a bespoke set of football rules designed specifically for the academy to build good character and values into each player (see football rules enclosed)
  • The retention of individuals to continue as part of the academy is linked to the individual player’s general conduct during sessions, character and integrity
  • The Academy sets out to look after the fitness, mental health and general well being of every player.

Selection Process:

  • The academy is open only to all ages from 6 years old, regardless of gender.
  • The academy will only have players grouped into teams at every practice session.
  • Each player and their referee/Parents/Guardian will sign an undertaken to adhere to the curriculum and rules of LADC FA, be of good character and a worthy community ambassador.

Training and Coaching Sessions

Training and coaching sessions will weekly, at times twice a week at the selected park or on the sports grounds (outdoor and indoors)

The coaching and training will be provided by top notch coaches and trainers supplied and approved by LADC, based in Liverpool UK.

Partner Schools

The LADC FA – Partnering School Football Academy is aiming to produce in the short, medium and long term, young adults with passion for football who will be transformed with discipline, vision, character and excellence in life skills.

The overall coaching and training will:

  • 1-2-1 regular mentoring of the selected players
  • Progress reviews of the academic performance of each player 2 times a year against set targets
  • Guidance and counselling for individual’s future aspirations and career
  • A comprehensive file will be kept for each player
  • Consequent reduction in anti-social behaviour

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