Mission Statement

Growing in character, Developing skills, Attaining excellence

LADC Football Academy (LADC FA) is set up for the purpose of discovering and raising outstanding students who will, through the instrumentality of football, raise the banner, display the virtues and fly the flag of the individual schools we work in partnership with.

Order, justice and fair-play rules everything we set to achieve.

Our 3 main ethos:

  1. Development of Character
  2. Development of Excellent football skills
  3. Development of Academic performance and excellence

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Selection, Admission and Retention Criteria

  • Each player must be a current student
  • Every player will be given a minimum academic target grade they should be achieving and working towards in at least 6 GCE subjects as a condition for remaining a part of the FA.
  • The football skills of each player is taken into consideration. However, every player must be willing to improve and develop new set of skills which will be taught at the academy. This is achieved by playing to a bespoke set of football rules designed specifically for the academy to build good character and values into each player (see football rules enclosed)
  • The Academy is linked to the individual player’s academic performance and excellence.
  • The Academy sets out to look after the fitness, mental health and general well being of every player.

Selection Process

  • Annual football trials will be conducted where only the best and most suitable players for each football playing position will be selected.
  • The academy is open only to all current students, aged 11 – 19 years old.
  • The academy will only have 30 players at every given time/term. (Consisting of Team A and Team B; 22 Players and 8 substitutes ONLY)
  • Each selected player and their Parents/Guardian will sign an undertaken to adhere to the curriculum and rules of LADC FA, be of good character and a worthy ambassador of LADC.

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