We helped John realise his dream of running an Art School...
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“It is never too late to achieve something before you become ‘the late’ – at least start the process.”

‘Fola Olaoye

Art School – John

John Hugh Jennings was a man with a vison. He envisioned a school where complete beginners could learn painting with absolutely no background or previous training. For years he looked for an avenue that could accommodate his vision. In partnership with LADC we made his vison happen. On Saturday the 27th of July 2013, he […]

Coding Class – Shindara

The coding class was very inspirational. It made me to code more than I used to. It was my first time using Microsoft teams and code.org . Even though I used to code in the past, this coding class made me understand what coding is really about. I learnt that a computer is any device […]

Love Food Hate Waste – Debbie

“Our respect for food can go a long way to shape our views and perspectives in life”. In 2015, I came across the Love Food Hate Waste. At the time, I had reached a low point in life where I lost my job. Fola Olaoye, the LADC Co-ordinator at the time, had encouraged me into […]

LADC-GCI Football Academy – Tomiwa

UPDATE 2020 We have some good news about one of our boys in the GCI academy: Tomiwa Kolawole Who was our football captain last session, Has been selected onto the U17 Nigerian team! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Fola Olaoye

Learning to paint – Stephanie

I joined the Love Assembly Art School in 2015. When I joined, I had only a passion for fine art and some secondary school experience painting in water colours and poster paints. Our wonderful teacher John Jennings (may his soul rest in peace) found out about my passion and assured me that this was all […]

Guitar Idea – Gem

I love music. The idea of playing the strings (guitar) sprang from when I was a teenager. I read a lot of Bible stories and this led to my resolution of employing the strings in my worship. When I read books or watched someone playing the Spanish guitar, I saw the relationship between love and […]

Summer School 2018 Graduation Ceremony

A big, huge congratulations to all the graduating students of our Money and Talent Course 2018! It was an amazing and emotional time. We didn’t want it to end, the children didn’t want it to end but it had to end – *tears…* Thank you to all our facilitators and volunteers. We appreciate the hard […]

Coding and Computer Science (CS) Fundamentals (101)

WEEK 4 Congratulations to all our graduating students! Oh Yeah!Last week we had our final class which was a Q and A session. it was really good. Very inspiring feedback from both students and their parents. Learning still continues… we look forward to having you all back and inducting new students in the near future […]

Love Knotty Ash – Party in the Park July 2018

Our annual Party in the Park 2018 was the best one yet. An event held in collaboration with other churches and charities, we believe we achieved our mission this year – bringing the Knotty Ash community together. It was perfect! The music was great. The food, the games, people having fun… a beautiful combination of having a […]

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What our service users are saying

I learnt the strings

From the very first day, the guitar became my buddy. My tutor helped me set it up then she and I scheduled regular classes. There was something unique about her style of teaching. She was patient and made learning fun and easy for me. Her regular feedback was what made me improve and get better.

I really appreciate my tutor and would recommend her to anyone who is a beginner or wants to improve on their skills.


Music Lessons

It is a great opportunity; don’t miss it!

I would encourage you to enrol at the LADC Art School. It will be a very valuable experience.

You will learn the classic skill of oil painting, as well as other skills of observation, imagination, planning, control which you can apply anywhere.

Another bonus is you’ll be acquiring training which people pay thousands of pounds for at approximately no cost at all.


Art School

I understand what coding is really about

The coding class was very inspirational. It made me to code more than I used to. We were able to play games that made coding easier and fun.

The coding class was awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn & understand coding. I am really looking forward to the next coding class.


Coding Class

Football Academy

Football Academy has kept me fit. I have observed the character of the players improve because of what is being taught so I always look forward to the comradeship between the boys.


Football Academy