I understand what coding is really about

The coding class was very inspirational. It made me to code more than I used to. We were able to play games that made coding easier and fun.

The coding class was awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn & understand coding. I am really looking forward to the next coding class.


Coding Class

I learnt the strings

From the very first day, the guitar became my buddy. My tutor helped me set it up then she and I scheduled regular classes. There was something unique about her style of teaching. She was patient and made learning fun and easy for me. Her regular feedback was what made me improve and get better.

I really appreciate my tutor and would recommend her to anyone who is a beginner or wants to improve on their skills.


Music Lessons

It is a great opportunity; don’t miss it!

I would encourage you to enrol at the LADC Art School. It will be a very valuable experience.

You will learn the classic skill of oil painting, as well as other skills of observation, imagination, planning, control which you can apply anywhere.

Another bonus is you’ll be acquiring training which people pay thousands of pounds for at approximately no cost at all.


Art School

Football Academy

Football Academy has kept me fit. I have observed the character of the players improve because of what is being taught so I always look forward to the comradeship between the boys.


Football Academy

My time with LADC

It was great volunteering in LADC. I joined LADC in 2014 as a volunteer till sometime in 2018. I was opportune to work in ad hoc groups but mainly within the accounts department. LADC for me was like an escape route from school, part-time work etc. Even though I took part in some responsibilities, because of the peaceful and friendly environment not forgetting the Administrator I was reporting to, it didn’t seem like work.

My time in LADC aided my growth. Just to point to a few things: I learnt time management, organization, work ethic. It built my confidence and interpersonal skills too. Again, some things I did in LADC helped my knowledge because it brought to reality things I had learnt in theory.

My time here in the minutes and hours were worth it.



SD20 is fascinating

I find the social distancing football game very fascinating. I was privileged to participate in the physical field trial and now with the introduction of the gaming app made it even better. The game app is user friendly and quite straight forward to play. Nice concept and easy to install on mobile phones



A fun game

It’s a fun game that teaches you how to keep distance measures while playing with friends or family. It improves your team work skills and promotes your physical strength. I would recommend it to people who want to play/have fun and isolate at the same time.



Made me think

I found the SD game interesting because it was different and not like any other game. This made me think out of the box while participating in the game.



Lost weight while having fun

During the pandemic as a football lover I thought the game I love so much was taken away from me but social distancing SD game came through for me. I burnt lots of Calories while having fun.

The risk of injuries are also minimised.
It was also a game that got me to use my brain a lot more while playing and encouraged team work while social distancing.

I will recommend this game to be developed and improved on as this is becoming our new normal.



Parents, Baby’s and Toddlers

Jumoke & I started the Parent, Baby & Toddler group as we were both on maternity leave and wanted a space to hang out with other parents and let our babies play & explore their environment; we also wanted to do something that we could invite the local community to.

It was a lovely experience setting this up and we had some other mums on maternity leave join us which was nice. We had a lot of sensory toys, nursery rhymes and made toast & tea for those who came. We also had some of the local people join in, it was lovely to meet them.


Parents, Baby's and Toddlers

Football after Lockdown

It was refreshing and relieving to connect with other people again.

Seeing friends and catching up on the pitch filled me with gratitude and gave me so much  joy.

It was a needed therapy for my physical and mental wellbeing.