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In the year 2020 during the worst phase of the pandemic, a family game was invented!

An idea was born from the question someone thought of: “How can people play and exercise while still maintaining social distancing?”

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SD20 is a game like no other. It can be played physically, digitally and as a board game.

It has been reviewed by physiotherapists and psychiatrists as a game that ticks many boxes; suitable for developing and maintaining physical and mental fitness.

SD20 is family game that can be played by everyone – the young and old, organisations, schools, teams etc

It helps in development of cognitive skills, team building, decision making, family bonding etc….

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Lost weight while having fun

During the pandemic as a football lover I thought the game I love so much was taken away from me but social distancing SD game came through for me. I burnt lots of Calories while having fun.

The risk of injuries are also minimised.
It was also a game that got me to use my brain a lot more while playing and encouraged team work while social distancing.

I will recommend this game to be developed and improved on as this is becoming our new normal.



Made me think

I found the SD game interesting because it was different and not like any other game. This made me think out of the box while participating in the game.



A fun game

It’s a fun game that teaches you how to keep distance measures while playing with friends or family. It improves your team work skills and promotes your physical strength. I would recommend it to people who want to play/have fun and isolate at the same time.



SD20 is fascinating

I find the social distancing football game very fascinating. I was privileged to participate in the physical field trial and now with the introduction of the gaming app made it even better. The game app is user friendly and quite straight forward to play. Nice concept and easy to install on mobile phones




Social Distancing Game from a Psychiatrist’s point of view

SDG (Social Distancing Game) is a form of non contact sports which requires a lot of concentration and agility. It is an enjoyable game which helps in improving both physical and mental well-being.

SDG as a form of physical activity triggers the release of chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals which makes us feel happier and more relaxed.
The SDG is a form of sports which maintains social distancing and hence helps in mitigating the risk of transmitting COVID-19 infection despite bringing people together in the spirit of sportsmanship.
It is an enjoyable game but not very intense and as it’s a non contact sports, it helps in the maintenance and sustainability of the overall mental well-being of the players.  It is mind stimulating and makes one happier when playing it.
When playing the SDG, players tend to forget their worries by concentrating on the game and this helps to alleviate stress as it calms the mind, strengthen the muscles and improves the players overall well-being.
It is a form of sports which reduces stress hormones and simultaneously stimulates the production of endorphins.
I would therefore recommend this game to everyone especially with what the world is experiencing currently.
Dr. Patrick

SD20… A Physiotherapist’s Review

I enjoyed observing the social distancing game. I would definitely like to participate in full when the opportunity presents itself again.

The Social Distancing game is a game that impacts on the players physical and mental well-being. I observed the use of balance, coordination and agility in an age group where youngest was 6years old. The SD game involves the synergy of core muscle groups in the legs – Gluteus, Quadriceps and Hamstrings. It is a low-medium paced game and so reducing the risk of injuries to these muscle groups and this also means it can include a variety of people with different levels of physical fitness.

The instructions appear a bit technical but once grasped the Social Distancing game is very easy to follow. I enjoyed watching the players display communication, trust, leadership and sportsmanship. It is a game that keeps you mentally engaged throughout – very good for team building exercises.

I would recommend some vitals signs are recorded before and after a set of games or in between each 5minute run to assess the body’s response (blood pressure, pulse rates etc) to the game. It would also be of interest to determine if the social distancing game can have an impact on common conditions e.g. does it have an impact on reducing low back pain.

I would highly recommend this game to both adults and children. The Social Distancing Game increases your physical activity, improves your mental wellbeing and is lots of fun.