Project Isaiah 60

Project Isaiah 60
Welcome to Project Isaiah 60!


The inspiration behind this?


The WORD spoken to us on DAY 2 of the 12 Days Annual Retreat: “DIVINE INNOVATION” *(By Pastors Terry & Jill Eckersely)*


I higher, U higher, We higher


Where I bring my gift and talents to the table, YOU bring your gifts and talents to the table, and together WE combine our gifts and talents to start an outreach that will ARISE and SHINE our combined gifts and talents in our combined area of expertise to impact our domain on the EARTH


Second Inspiration? Through the article below 👇🏾 sent to me (by Pastor Francis) as I woke up on day 3 of the retreat


To commence your membership, you will be asked to answer these 4 questions

*1. What can I do?*
*2. What are my gifts, talents and skills?*
*3. What is my Profession?* (even if a house wife)… include any training you have undergone e.g. first aid, safeguarding
*4. What do I want to do? (my desires, dreams, project etc) in 2022 especially.*

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by ‘Fola Olaoye

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