2023 Summer Interns

All done!

The 2023 Summer Internship Program at the LADC officially concluded on the 3rd September 2023. 6 weeks of intensive internship by 10 brilliant young adults aged 11 -19 years old.

Program Objectives: The primary objectives of the 2023 Summer Internship Program at the LADC were as follows:

  • To provide interns with valuable hands-on experience in their interested positions/job roles.
  • To foster professional growth and development.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange between interns and mentors.
  • To assess interns’ performance and contributions to the LADC.
  • To develop character which is an essential component of our internship program








Program Activities: The program included the following key activities:

  • Orientation: Interns attended a comprehensive orientation session to familiarize themselves with the LADC, its culture, and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Project Assignments: Interns were assigned to various projects across different departments, aligned with their academic and career interests.
  • Mentorship: Each intern was paired with a mentor who provided guidance, support, and feedback throughout the internship.
  • Training and Development: Interns had access to training sessions and workshops aimed at enhancing their technical skills and soft skills.
  • Weekly Check-Ins: Regular check-in meetings ensured clear communication between interns, mentors, and program coordinators.
  • Mid-Term and Final Evaluations: A mid-term review allowed interns to assess their progress, while final evaluations measured their performance and contributions.
  • Closing Ceremony: The program concluded with a closing ceremony where interns received certificates and shared their experiences.

Coaching Session

What I learned: My project- My project was how my group were thinking of making an art day. My team is good and we are very good at collaborating (working together). I had a fun time here making friends and experiencing work for the first time. I enjoyed the sports that we did in the David Lloyds centre. I gained the ability to take photos on my phone and on camera a lot better. I can improve on my Doodly videos and my banners- David

Coaches and Interns
Coaches and Interns

What I learned: My experience has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed learning new skills and I have enjoyed making new friends and meeting new people. I have enjoyed physical team activities like going to Bright Park. It made me become more aware of my surroundings and taught me how important the planet is. I enjoyed the several teamwork activities such as creating a team name, group projects, planning the family fun and sports day, and also doing sports together – Muna

Coaches and Interns
Coaches and Interns

The 2023 Summer Internship Program at the LADC was a resounding success, achieving its goals of providing valuable learning experiences for interns in their interested positions/job roles while benefiting the LADC. The interns’ hard work and dedication were commendable, and the program coordinators, mentors, and all involved parties at the LADC deserve recognition for their efforts.

Coaches and Interns

As we close this chapter, we look forward to welcoming a new cohort of interns in future programs at the LADC and continuing to support the growth and development of young talents within our organization.

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