A million thanks for your support towards the GCI-LADC Academy in Nigeria

As another academic year begins, we are privileged to graduate the first set /year of the SS3 (YEAR 12) Boys and have recruited a new set of 30 boys for this academic year.

Some of the boys from the lower class from last year made it into the new set of 30 boys.

We are following up on the progress of the graduates who excelled in their WAEC (GCSE) exams

We got a scholarship for one to go on to study Agriculture in IITA, another linked up to study Sports Journalism and a third boy will be sponsored by an America based foundation to further his education.

GCI/LADC FOOTBALL ACADEMY was featured in the prize-giving day and also donated prizes to 3 outstanding boys in the football academy

Thanks for your support for the last academic year


Thanks for being a part of those making these happen for this young future potentials

This year we look forward to mentoring, coaching and building these lads.

Thanks and thanks again

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