Art School - Stephanie

Learning to paint – Stephanie

I joined the LADC Art School in 2015. When I joined, I had only a passion for fine art and some secondary school experience painting in water colours and poster paints. Our wonderful teacher John Jennings found out about my passion and assured me that this was all I needed. In 3 years, John Jennings taught me how to create oil paintings of a sellable standard. I honed my natural ability to imagine, observe, create and learned the disciplines of planning, patience, and control.

Now I still paint in my free time and I can’t imagine a life without painting. It is very fulfilling and a great stress reliever. I have been able to make more paintings and a few commissions too. I have also been able to transfer the creative skills I honed at the art school. While I still paint on canvases with oil paints, I also produce e-flyers and posters.

If you are interested in art, painting or you just love doing creative things, I would encourage you to enrol at the LADC Art School. It will be a very valuable experience. You will learn the classic skill of oil painting, as well as other skills of observation, imagination, planning, control which you can apply anywhere. Another bonus is you’ll be acquiring training which people pay thousands of pounds for at approximately no cost at all. It is a great opportunity; don’t miss it!

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