Guitar Idea - Gem

Guitar Idea – Gem

I love music. The idea of playing the strings (guitar) sprang from when I was a teenager. I read a lot of Bible stories and this led to my resolution of employing the strings in my worship. When I read books or watched someone playing the Spanish guitar, I saw the relationship between love and music. However, I was preoccupied with other aspects of my education and career and could not take up learning.

In 2019, I decided to give myself a treat on my birthday and bought a Yamaha model acoustic guitar. From the very first day, the guitar became my buddy. My tutor helped me set it up then she and I scheduled regular classes. There was something unique about my tutors style of teaching. She was patient and made learning the strings fun and easy for me.  She gave tasks that will spur you even when I had to go home with the distal pulp of my fingers hurting me. She encouraged me that  with much practice the pains will fade away and it did. I started finger strumming, following instructions, doing some recording and getting feedbacks. The feedback was what made me improve and get better.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after we started, my tutor told me that there was a slot for me to perform at an event. I laughed. She said I would do a simple song with a simple chords I already learnt. We began practicing for the event. And Wow! it was awesome. I gave my best, I did the homework and it paid off.

When the lockdown started, we progressed to having zoom classes and I moved from finger strumming to pick strumming. At the moment, I can do 8 strums and 3 to 4 strums in-between in a song. I’m learning how to do finger picking, barre chords, chord ear training, metronome timing.

I really appreciate my teacher and would recommend her to anyone who is a beginner or wants to improve on their skills.