Coding Class - Shindara

Coding Class – Shindara

The coding class was very inspirational. It made me to code more than I used to.

It was my first time using Microsoft teams and . Even though I used to code in the past, this coding class made me understand what coding is really about.

I learnt that a computer is any device that has an input, a storage, a processor and an output. I also learnt that computers use algorithms to carry out a programme. I learnt that RGB is the colour code system that makes different colours appear on a screen. Also, I learnt that computers use binary numbers and not decimal numbers and that every device that uses the internet has a unique IP address (Internet Protocol address).

I learnt that computers use different languages to make different things such as: HTML and CSS which are used for building websites; HTTP which is a language used for connecting to computers; Javascript & C++ which are used for games/applications & PHP which is used for Web applications such as twitter.

We were able to play games that made coding easier and fun.

Some of the things that I did were the following using I made a game, some art work and built a programme.

The coding class was awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn & understand coding. I am really looking forward to the next coding class.
Thank you.