Love food Hate Waste with Debbie

Love Food Hate Waste – Debbie

“Our respect for food can go a long way to shape our views and perspectives in life”.

In 2015, I came across the Love Food Hate Waste. At the time, I had reached a low point in life where I lost my job. Fola Olaoye, the LADC Co-ordinator at the time, had encouraged me into researching about recycling. This project then gave me a sign of purpose and an opportunity to do something that I have always aspired to learn more about.

Since then, I have implemented all that I learnt into my daily life and this new approach has been very insightful and helpful towards my perspective, in addition to how I run each day in life.

I organised and attended a workshop to give others an insight about what I had learnt about Love Food Hate Waste. About 30 people were in attendance of this workshop.

recipes by Debbie

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, I have specially been looking into healthy diet options for myself and my family.

I made use of the Love Food Hate Waste website and its app to obtain ideas on how best I could preserve food. One of the lessons I learnt through them was on the preservation of salads for a longer period as I realised that they tend to start changing their colour within a day of opening its packaging. I also learnt how not to waste fruits especially bananas and carrots.

Since encountering the Love Food Hate Waste I have been able to not only save money but obtain amazing food recipes.

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